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An update


From appearing on Dragons Den in 2008 with the 'tiny' idea of ethical packaging, Tiny Box Company is now on track to achieve £10 million in sales this year! So there have been a lot of changes, but Tiny Box Company is much more than just boxes... We also have three (soon to be four!) other companies with lots of new, exciting updates to share.

But the news to share in regards to Tiny Box Company is that we have now started designing our Christmas boxes for this year! I can't reveal the designs just yet... but I can show one from last year, take a look!


Tiny Marketplace

We have some exciting news with the launch soon approaching for Tiny Marketplace. Here you can shop for gifts from a range of suppliers... or be a supplier yourself! With the new website coming together thanks to the team, and all of the lovely products - Tiny Marketplace is looking to launch sooner than you think. Take a look!



Indiki supplies occasion boxes, designed by talented creatives across the world - some can also be personalised. There are boxes for a range of events and occasions with different colour

options in lots of sizes. But the news to share is that Indiki is now a seller on Tiny Marketplace - so customers can now buy the gift and the box to put it in, in the same place, how easy! You can have a look for yourselves here:


Tiny Box Maker

Tiny Box Maker creates rigid high-end presentation boxes, bespoke gift boxes and corporate gift boxes which are all rigid. Our update is that Tiny Box Maker has now made 1 million boxes as of this month! Congratulations to them! Have a look here:


Our next adventure!

Our next project is very different to anything we have done before. I can't say too much... but all will be revealed soon! What I can say is that our new project follows the same values as our other companies, including trying to promote sustainability and putting in an effort to being eco-friendly!

We have a new team working on all things new project... big things are coming!

Can you guess what it could be?

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