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Tiny Clinic

It can be a lonely place running your business from home, especially in the current climate. That's why at Tiny Box Company, we wanted to offer our FREE support for small businesses looking for a little extra advice.

There's nothing wrong with asking for help!

We get it - starting your own business is daunting and sometimes you just need some advice to get you started.

That's why here at Tiny Box Company, we want to offer our free-of-charge services to those who need a nudge in the right direction.

We've enlisted the help of our very own Managing Director, Rachel Watkyn, and our Marketing Consultant, Alice Watkyn, to answer any business or marketing related questions you may have.

Other ways we can help

Make sure to take a look at everything we have to offer

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Have a look through my previous blogs to see if you can find the answers you're looking for. There is a section especially for business advice.

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Tiny Toolkit

The Tiny Toolkit offers lots of different resources that you and your business may find useful! Including templates, planners and documents.

Young Businesswomen


Join our Tiny Clinic Facebook group. Get advice or offer your expertise. Please note that we only contribute to this page on Thursdays, which is Tiny Clinic Day.


We hope that you find our ‘Tiny Clinic’ useful and informative. However, the information provided is for general advice only. We cannot be held responsible for any negative effects on a business as a result of taking our advice. 

Useful Links and third parties

Links to other websites or recommendations of third parties are hopefully of use or interest to you. However, we have no affiliations with these organisations and we are not responsible for the content they provide. We will not be responsible for any loss incurred by you as a result of visiting these third parties.

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