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Seed Paper Range

Looking for a fun and eco friendly way to send personal or thank you messages to family, friends or customers? Our A6 plantable seed paper is the perfect addition to your stationery box, extra bonus it's bee friendly. Made from 100% recycled consumer waste cotton and filled with a beautiful range of wildflower seeds, you can watch your paper bloom. The flowers you can watch bloom from our seed paper are Sweet Alyssum, Poppies, Baby’s Breath and Rudbeckia.

Digital print is available on our seed paper but please be aware that this may affect the germination process of the seeds. If you wish to avoid this you can use alternative ways to personalise them, whether that’s using eco friendly water based ink pens or stamps to promote your brand or writing a personal message.

How to plant our seed paper
Step 1: In the warmer months Spring/Summer soak our seed paper in water and tear into little pieces ready for planting.

Step 2: Select your favourite pot and add a heap of compost into it, place your little pieces of seed paper amongst the compost, then lightly sprinkle more compost on top.

Step 3: Make sure to keep the soil and paper moist (but not so it's soaking wet) and keep in a warm place that gets lots of sunlight, we'd recommend a window sill.

Step 4: When your seeds have started to grow into flowers, place your pot outside or keep on your sunny window sill.

Nature is fragile - do not plant in the wild. Suitable for gardens & windows only.

Greeting Cards or Wedding Invitations
If you're looking for a fun way of adding a touch of eco to your small business, our seed paper is the perfect way to thank a customer for shopping with you. Simply write a thank you message and don't forget to include our how to plant our paper details for your customers to have beautiful flowers bloom in their own homes. A beautiful way to help the planet. Or you could even add them into your packages as a special touch and addition to your products for your customers. As well as business purposes, our plantable seed paper is perfect for writing a greeting card to your friends or writing a greeting card to loved ones to wish them a Happy Birthday or just to say thank you for them being in your life. They can then plant your greeting cards in a pot and watch them grow into summer flowers. As well as greeting cards, they are the perfect addition to save the date or wedding invitations, once your guests have attended your event they can plant their seed paper and watch the wildflowers bloom, it is also a beautiful colour filled memory of your special day. Customise your seed paper card by writing notations or letters and send them in the mail to your friends and loved ones.

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