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Flexi -Hex

Introducing the latest innovation to protecting fragile products in delivery, the Flexi-Hex® bottle sleeve will protect bottles and any other fragile products like ceramic plates or crockery. The Flexi-Hex® bottle sleeve expands to wrap around your product and is the perfect pairing inside your bottle packaging. Flexi-Hex® bottle packaging comes in a minimum size of 300 x 25 x 35 millimetres and the approx size of the expanded unique honeycomb design is 250 millimetres wide. The unique design has incredible strength as well as being a sustainable solution to your packaging as it is recyclable and biodegradable.

The Flexi-Hex® sleeve is a protective packaging solution that when expanded and wrapped around your product will act as a protection for your products in transit. The innovative hexagonal cell structure creates a layer of protection between your product and your delivery packaging. The plastic free Flexi-Hex® has a clever designed expandable honeycomb material which is extremely flexible when placed around your fragile product.

The Flexi-Hex® sleeve is extremely versatile and is suitable for a range of different products, particularly glass bottles, bottle packaging and other fragile items such as crockery or jars/containers. The honeycomb feature wraps around your items from its width expansion to protect your products, actively reducing damage and enabling safe shipping. Whether you are a small business shipping out an order to your customer or using it for personal use i.e. packing up your home to move house, the Flexi-Hex® product will protect your items in transit.

The Flexi-Hex® packaging sleeve hosts many eco credentials to support an environmental footprint. Flexi-Hex® sleeve is made from over 85% recycled paper pulp and made from FSC certified paper. As well as it being made from recycled materials, Flexi-Hex® is also recyclable and biodegradable, as well holding industrial compostable capabilities. Not only is it made from paper, it is plastic free. We have a range of different eco friendly boxes on the Tiny Box Company website. If you have specific product dimensions, head to our homepage and add in the details of your required box, we will then supply you with all the boxes and packaging we have in your specified size. Pair the Flexi-Hex® sleeve with our Flexi-Hex® Postal Box.

At Tiny Box Company we love to hear your reviews on our products, so please be sure to leave a comment below to let future customers learn about our packaging from the consumer opinion. If you don't already follow us on Instagram and Facebook and tag us on our social media channels, we would be happy to share your content to our stories. We do not offer free delivery on our products, however, we have recently re-opened our Tiny Box collection service, we are situated in East Sussex, UK so if you live locally contact our team to arrange a suitable time to pick up your orders. Don't forget to sign up to our newsletter on our homepage or at checkout to find out the latest business updates, new products and sales.

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