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Compostable Bags & Mailing Bags

Did you know? More than 1 million plastic bags end up in the trash every minute. 100,000 marine animals are killed by plastic bags. Up to one trillion plastic bags are used worldwide each year – that's 160,000 a second.

Facts about our bags/mailers:

- Our compostable bags come in three sizes, and the compostable mailers also come in three sizes.

- They are made from cornstarch, and are 100% home compostable (They have ‘TÜV OK Compost Home’ certification to back this up too). Anyone can compost them in their own compost bin at home.

- The bags have the ‘TÜV OK Compost Home’ certification, and also the ‘European Standard EN 13432’

Biodegradable means items can break down within the environment with the help of bacteria or other living organisms. But this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for the planet. For example, some plastic bags can biodegrade into tiny pieces in around 20 years but they are still harmful to the environment.

Compostable products are made of natural materials, and decompose completely without producing toxic residues in the process. To be classified as compostable, they must meet specific requirements set out in the European Standard EN 13432 (Which our bags/mailers do have).

The word ‘compostable’ is thrown about a lot these days, and often doesn’t actually mean the product is compostable. It is important to look for certifications to work out whether the product will actually break down.

The majority of products which claim to be compostable, can only break down properly in an industrial composter. These are kept between 50-60 degrees Celsius to help break down the material.

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