Chief and Turtle Launch

Last week we launched Chief and Turtle and it was a bit of a whirlwind. The night before we attended Dynamic Awards in Brighton which didn’t end until 12:15am. Me, my husband and the three girls who also were at the event then had to leave my house at 5:20am to head to Covent Garden for the launch of Chief and Turtle. We were travelling up in the van so leaving, getting to the event on time, setting up and finding somewhere to park had to be organised to a T. Oh, I should also mention that the people arrived at the event from 8:30am onward. So, no pressure getting up to London, whilst the train strikes were going on I should add, was a mission in itself. But we made it in good time leaving us plenty of time to set up and run through the agenda and our speeches.

Some of you who may be reading this might not know about me. I am not here to preach and I am not here to tell people what to do because let's be honest no one likes that. I am here to pave the way to make a change by setting an example and showing people that if everyone makes small steps collectively can make a massive impact.

My care for the environment has raised my awareness of the limited accessibility for easy-to-find sustainable activewear. Being a change-maker, I felt something had to be done to shake up the industry and help make sustainable sportswear easier to find, whilst helping bring visibility to many brands doing such exciting things. With the help of my team, I envisioned a fun and seamless shopping experience for like-minded people working on being the best versions of themselves.

Marketing guru Tia has been busy creating an online shopping experience like no other; from our sustainability 'badges of honour', our easy to digest information pages and our 'shop the look' features. Whilst sustainable fashionista Danielle has been busy creating relationships with innovative brands creating beautiful products in a more sustainable way. She's carefully curated the selection of products you see on the site today. From this Chief and Turtle was created.

Who Chief and Turtle are - A journey, not a destination

Chief and Turtle was born from the idea that shopping better should be easier. Sustainability is a journey, not a destination. We recognise the actions that must be made, and the perceptions that must be changed, for a better, healthier planet. Our platform provides a space where small and easy consumer changes can be made all in one place.

We hand-pick designers all around the world, pioneering the way in sustainable fabrics and processes, slowing down fast fashion, while staying stylish, affordable and long lasting.

Here at Chief and Turtle, we give you the ability to shop by what values you believe in, by doing this, allowing you to make the small sustainable choices and checkout feeling confident you've made a planet-friendly purchase.

Get involved!

Sustainability is at the heart of Chief and Turtle. We want to make a change and here are a few reasons why:

  • PWC estimates that 40% of online clothing purchases are returned and 10% of these end up end up in landfill. Every second the equivalent of a rubbish truck full of clothes ends up in landfill

  • 60% of all clothing is made from virgin plastic

  • One farmer commits suicide in India every 30 minutes. Around 25,000 have died in last 16 years due to cotton farming

  • Greenpeace estimates there are 51 trillion pieces of tiny plastics in existence. That’s more than the total amount of stars in our galaxy.

We realise that asking people to stop purchasing altogether is unrealistic, but we hope that our brand will encourage you to make more thoughtful purchases, like the items hand selected by our team.

Here is what Chief and Turtle had to say after the event:

“And we are launched! We had a wonderful time sharing the brand with lots of amazing people over breakfast this morning for our PR launch 😍 Make sure you check out our latest IGTV where we talk about everything we do here at Chief and Turtle 🌱 We’re so proud and excited to get going, make sure you check out the site! 🙌” – Chief and Turtle

Not only that, Chief and Turtle were then featured in the Daily Mail Online with Katyj Jones. @katyajones

I would like to thank everyone who came to the event and supported us. A special thank you to @katyajones @roarfitnessgirl @abbiequinnen @lilahparsons for attending and supporting Chief and Turtle by sharing our content.

Please head over to their website to


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